Our Life Together

Roses (360x640)Summer is here, and life feels a little more spacious, somehow. While our freedom isn’t limitless, of course, I still insist it feels glorious to be able to go outside without worrying about where we left the parka, much less the hat, mittens, and boots!

In the rhythm of our lives, summer is a season when we get to sit back (a little) and reflect (at least a little) on where we’ve been and what we’ve done. And, boy! have we done a lot this school year! The confirmation class met weekly most of the year, studying the Bible and asking questions, growing in our faith and learning to be servant leaders, all while having fun! The Wednesday evening WoRM program was a great success, with our school-aged children learning the stories of the Bible with all their senses. Adult education wasn’t neglected either – we learned about growing the church Deep and Wide, we read about some of the things Presbyterians believe, and we studied the Bible – Luke, and James, and now Joshua. All the church officers, elders and deacons, came together this year in a joint retreat to explore what it means to be a servant leader of God’s people. You have amazing leaders among you, gifted and enthusiastic and effective, and I for one praise God for raising them up!

We also did a lot of ministry this year. We did service projects to help people recover from disasters, supported the community pantry with donations of health and hygiene items, participated in both ecumenical and civic events in our community and partnered with Common Ground to raise money for youth programs. Deacons delivered food, ran errands, sent cards and letters, prepared funeral meals and holiday get-togethers, reached out to the homebound and to the grieving. The scholarship programs of this congregation continued to support students in all kinds of circumstances, both here and at Louisville Seminary.

It hasn’t been all work, though. We’ve celebrated birthday parties and baptisms, ordinations and graduations, wedding showers and baby showers. We’ve shared food and fellowship, music and conversation, a lot of laughter and a few tears. This is what our life together is supposed to be about – work and worship in a community of faith. There are many things that will try to distracts us from this calling – worry, fear, pride, memory, expectation. Don’t let them. The life we were given in Christ is for freedom, and friends, it is true! Life is more spacious here in the body of Christ, with plenty of room for the love the Spirit wants to breathe into us!

Praising God always, in all ways!     ~ Rev. Randi


About revrandi

Lover of many things - song, story, and all things Scottish. Presbyterian pastor by day, dreamer by night, student of life all the time.
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