The Great Ends of the Chruch

Through the month of May, we’ll be talking about (wait for the drum roll):


There are six of them, and together, they constitute a kind of roadmap that lays out our purpose, or reason, for being. We will be examining each of these “great ends”, one per Sunday, and I hope that you will make a special effort to attend during this sermon series. The series will be pod-cast on our church web site (, so if you miss one, you can listen at your convenience.

  • the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind                    (April 27)
  • the shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God           (May 4)
  • the maintenance of divine worship                                                                   (May 11)
  • the preservation of the truth                                                                             (May 18)
  • the promotion of social righteousness                                                              (May 25)
  • the exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world                                  (June 1)

None of the six are especially surprising, yet I suspect we could come up with half a dozen different interpretations of what, exactly, is meant by each and every one of them. There’s nothing sinister in that, but unless we all agree which direction we want to row our boat, we probably won’t get very far.

Throughout the summer and fall, we will be holding a series of listening events, where you can be part of the conversation. The first event, for our young adults, will be held May 10th. Others will follow, bringing together different “slices” of our congregation, to consider what we should do and be as the church of Christ in our town and our time. Please listen to the sermons, study the weekly Bible passages, pray about the life of our church, and participate in a listening event when you are invited.

We don’t have to find The. Perfect. Answer. – because the real perfect answer, Jesus, has already found us. Every road belongs to God, and God can bless our work no matter what we decide to do. But we do have to make a decision, and then get to work.

Comments not only wanted, but vital.

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Lover of many things - song, story, and all things Scottish. Presbyterian pastor by day, dreamer by night, student of life all the time.
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